Hiyma is a hub that connects global markets with global shoppers.

Our platform is designed for O2O (online-to-offline) digital model. We utilize an innovative approach in reinventing a shift of commerce in consumer and business, retail and wholesale markets.

Inspired by the Path to the Future

Digital Grocery Shopping

Leveraging the present to innovate advance technologies, universal realities and intelligent life forces is our focus that will uplift people lives across the Earth. The design of our project is impacting a better more efficient World in which we live in.

Sustainable Ecosystem

This approach to build and sustain an ecosystem that navigate to every person on Earth, aligns with our discoveries of leveraging AI, ML, high frequency computing to build integrated advancements.

Digital Markets

Hiyma is pushing beyond the bounds of human intuition to build a Future where our platform replaces unsustainable habits in all industries of commerce.

Hybrid Supply Chain

To deliver innovation of Hybrid Business Models We utilize all aspects of technology, strategies and creativity that allows our data platform to generate cloud-native data to shift, disrupt and thrive.

HIYMA AI, IoT, Blockchain, Satellite TECHNOLOGY

We accelerate a shift from end to end of the quality of retail and consumer goods data and supply chain. Hiyma creates a Global at scale digitization network of Business Partners.

The Platform’s architecture ensures companies can leverage our latest developments in supply chain innovation and integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Hybrid Cloud. Our focus becomes building a sustainable future and help companies avoid extinction. Hiyma.com will be instrumental hyper growing markets: including manufacturing, importing and exporting, branding, wholesale/retail distribution and brokerage. We’re building a community to increase the quality of life for all.

  1. Connect the Global supply chain end-to-end with visibility that enables secure and seamlessly exchange in real time.
  2. Hyper grow and enhance the retail, consumer goods, and market experience. Built on a secure and transparent platform.
  3. Connecting global business with global consumers to create a Sustainable Ecosystem of Hyper Growth.
  4. The new currency of trust from source to consumer allows full growth in collaboration across the global supply chain.

Hiyma's Market Size Growth

Hiyma is a hub that connects the public, private, and government markets with global shoppers.  We align the flow of digital commerce with a shift of market supply chains to .

Hiyma Business Services

    • We believe to work collaboratively with local brick and mortar retailers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors driving Digital Innovation forward. At scale with millions of consumers, companies will consider Hiyma.com as a marketing platform for their products.

Hiyma Innovation Labs

    • We cook up innovation from software to hardware, innovation around building out infrastructure in Space, to innovation around technology that advances humanity. From consumer products, everyday essentials, specialty food and beverages to innovative in-home catalogs via satellite technology, unmanned aerial and ground delivery systems.

Hiyma On Demand

    Hiyma is building their own network of brick and mortar infrastructure. Designing efficient AI fulfillment facilities, allowing members within a set distance to have access to free 45 minutes, 2 hour, up to 6 hour, and same day delivery. Members orders will be delivered using existing fleet of mid-size cargo vans.

Hiyma Earth Foundation

    HEF aims to implement solutions that help decrease the percentage of the lack of food to those in need. The end result to increase the quality of life for all beings on Earth. The idea is that we will only add a maximum of 5% mark up from the lowest acquired cost. The end shopper will not receive the product, our HEF teams are equipped to distribute items to where its needed.

Hiyma Retail

    On the hub which will become Hiyma.com, everyday shoppers of retail and consumer goods can make purchases from our digital platform. Our Hiyma Network is designed at scale to reinvent the price tag – our platform will be constructed to understand all aspects of product data to determine optical strategies to the end shopper. Prices, Brands, Products on the site will fluctuate as the average user purchases more, the more they save on those items. Partnering with local grocery businesses consumers will have the option to buy online and pickup in-store at the nearest Hiyma Partner store.

Hiyma Wholesale

    The bulk wholesale markets is the key to our success. We’ve built innovation to efficiently supply the retail and consumer goods markets across the Earth. The Hiyma Platform allows challenges of the present and the future to require business leaders to adapt, and strategize for smarter, innovative, and efficient solutions.

Hiyma Bedessee Hemp

    Our ambitious outlook on the future establishing a sustainable planet is the research and development of the Hemp markets. Collaborating with our primary hemp partner Guyana Hemp Industries. We’re pushing for South American legalization and regulation of Hemp and all product derive from the plant.

  • 1 acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4 acres of trees
  • Requires 1/2 as much water, and no pesticides, compared to cotton
  • Hemp Bio-Diesel produces 90% less emissions, and requires no modificatoins to vehicles
  • Bio-degradable plastics and composites

Total Addressable Market MARKET

The Canadian e-commerce market expects little growth in online grocery markets. Hiyma.com has a vision to innovative a new smart way for consumers to shop, making an impact in Canadian and North American e-commerce markets. We will attract competition leading to disruption in how consumers purchase brands.

AI & ML Supply Chain & Risk Management

In this field our data scientist is utilizing cutting edge advancements leading the push towards attainment.

Fulfillment Warehouse & Logistics Network

The key to sustainability within the Commerce supply chain is the ability and backbone that powers our infrastructure.

Digital Commerce

Innovation of effective solutions to get products you love to your door.

Hardware Innovation

Our teams are designing physical innovations that will change the course of our Earth.

E-commerce Canada Retail

  • Revenue 2019-2023 ($Billion)

Supermarket Revenue

  • Revenue 2018 ($Billion)

Ontario Supermarket Sales

  • Revenue 2018 ($Billion)

Hiyma Market Grasp

  • Market Share ($Billion)


The Hiyma Platform is shifting out of the old commerce model into building a a sustainable supply chain that will advance the productivity on Earth.

AI & Robotics

Building the connection for Humanities future.

Analytics & Optimization

Understanding on the present state of commerce data.

Hybrid Cloud

Designed for O2O platform and all the inefficiencies in between.


The transferring of critical shared data with global standards.

Hiyma Intergration

High scalability that can seamlessly integrate into your business.

High Growth B2B

Become omnipresent and clear minded to get through the extinction phase.

Digital Marketing

Hybrid model expands through: digital marketing and business growth.

Price Innovation

Utilizing all data and streams, we build our pricing around fair costs.

Hiyma APPs Apps

In our ecosystem, we have a multitude of platforms that are designed to efficiently supply the Earth with consumer goods.

Hiyma is a new kind of innovation that allows local businesses to reach more shoppers and gain game changer data, resulting in a hyper growth environment. People in our everlasting world will love and trust the technology of constantly designing the path to the beyond.

  • Broadcast innovation that positively impacts our Earth
  • Smart Platform for the Growth on Earth
  • Uplifting the consciousness of meaningful impact
  • 10x Revenue and Business Goals
  • Balance of Equilibrium within and External


Nov 2015 Q1 | Mission Formed

The mission to simplify the future access of online supermarket shopping that connects the world through global products, ethnic products, everyday essentials, and other grocery items.

May 2016 Q3 | Design of Network

Modelling a design around efficient technologies and strategies that connects consumers into a growth based Network. Research and Integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Proprietary Innovative Technology.

Aug 2016 Q4 | Platform Concept

Our teams developed the first stage beta which became an instrumental tool in the creation of our Hiyma Marketplace.

Nov, 2016 Q2 | Mission+: Build Commerce Throughout Space

Realization that we must plant the seed in human consciousness to expand our ability to reach and discover all the secrets of our universe. Our allies formed RAMNOT (Research Ascension Management iNnovation Object Technology), which positions us to be universal leaders in finance, commerce, and physical and digital infrastructure.

Feb 2017 Q3 | Opened Platform to E2C

Innovating an approach to increase "e-commerce-to-consumer" conversions for new and existing grocery companies. Our partner BuyEasy.com backed by the Hiyma Network launched the largest ethnic digital supermarket.

Aug 2017 Q4 | Strategic Inventory Development

Hiyma's research and technology data lead us to better understand the landscape of commerce for grocery type companies. Building out efficient solutions with effective strategic partnership with surrounding local businesses opened the platform to the possibility of local businesses achieving hyper-growth.

Feb 2018 Q2 | H2B Wholesale Technology

The purpose of innovating a new wholesale revenue model pushed us to launch the "Hiyma-to-Business" which empowers developed and developing countries to increase their GDP by design integration with Hiyma Wholesale. H2B allows selective Wholesalers, Distributors, and Manufactures across the Earth to build out a hyper growth future across the grocery industry.

May 2018 Q3 | Launch of E.S.S.E.E.S

Earth's Self Sustaining Energy Eco System. The connection of hybrid integrated technology of empowering Grocery Manufacturers and People. Powering the global economy. Moving products from one place to another is the figurative backbone that supports our entire modern civilization.

Sept, 2018 Q4 | Supplychain Innovation for Developing Economies

Further development of the Hiyma ecosystem that creates a new model and a new way of life that makes the old ways of life and the old models obsolete. Hiyma's vision is to make significant advancements throughout developing countries. The first project will be taking place throughout the Caribbean and South America.

Oct 2018 | Canadian Cannabis Legalization

On October 10, 2018, Canada became the first major industrialized nation to legalize adult-use cannabis at both the federal and provincial levels. The projected size of the Canadian adult-use market ranged from C$4.9 billion to C$8.7 billion annually. Hiyma is pro-cannabis and our intent is to be a market leader by utilizing our ability to innovative effective consumer behavior.

Nov 2018 Q1 | Blockchain Integration

Sparking the industry conversation of full transparency through the supermarket experience. We're creating the opportunity of Hiyma Business Partners to increase their customer value by utilizing our high growth technology.

Feb 2019 Q2 | Hiyma Ecosystem

The Integration of Hiyma Wholesale (wholesale.hiyma.com), Hiyma Earth Foundation (earth.hiyma.com), Hiyma Marketplace (marketplace.hiyma.com). Our goal is to scale our Hiyma Marketplace within our local economy, as we grow the platform will be mainly focus on Hiyma.com.

Dream 100 PARTNERS

Learn More About Hiyma FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of insight into the minds at Hiyma. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Hiyma Retail or Hiyma Marketplace is our "consumer-to-your-door" model. For everyone who buys "groceries or household essentials", which we include is every shopper on our Planet! In the future, you will access the site directly from Hiyma.com. There, our shoppers will take part using the most advance innovation that is currently uplifting the shift of consciousness. Shoppers will have access to products that they use with the most fairest prices ever! Buying groceries on our platform empowers the shopper to take full advantage of our radical transparency. We enable product data transparency + creatively involving our shoppers in the growth process! Hiyma views our shoppers as our investors, therefore we are building tools and resources to help better our shoppers life in any which way.

Currently we deliver throughout Canada, United States. Our main focus is building and exploiting the fullest potential within the Canadian Digital Commerce.

Hiyma.com is unique platform; that is backed by our innovative technology + atmosphere of community. Also it so happens that our home country, Canada legalized Cannabis. We position ourselves to establish strategic partnerships with leading integrated ACRMP and LPs across Canada. Our platform scales industry standards to collaborate with Canadian Government, Health Canada, and Marijuana Activist to continue integrating technologies to scale the Cannabis and Hemp markets across Earth.

As our business platform began to take shape, new opportunities forged new relationships, and those relationships are now the foundation which our company is built. We believe tremendous results require grand ambition, honest collaboration and relentless effort. Hiyma.com is creating a world-class platform by forming partnerships with best-in-class cultivators, product innovators and developers, researchers and marketers. We provide our partners with ongoing cornerstone support in cultivation, regulatory, construction, retail, branding, and financing to help them realize their full potential.

We love partnering with investors to bring forth a new kind of company that will uplift the planet to a hyper growth sustainable model! If your interested in investing into our startup PRE IPO, Email us at [email protected]

Yes, we believe a startup of this caliber, that is shifting both the private and public markets of commerce into a hybrid sustainable network. Hiyma acts in the best interest of our Shoppers, Shareholders, Investors, Business Partners. Our stock will be designed around a multitude of inputs, our share structure will be aligned with present value, future situations of capital raising, M&A, and shareholder interest. At the end of the day, Hiyma.com is perpetrating a transfer of commerce within the Grocery, Manufacturing, Fulfillment, Supermarket type Industries.

Hiyma ($HXMA) PRE IPO. As of now pre-ipo share price will be starting at $0.36 CDN.

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