Industry 4.0


Hiyma has two major components 1. The frontend H-APP; the Social Commerce, Social Finance, and Social Connection platform. 2. The backend is the decentralized computing and analytic platform.

Social Commerce
Global marketplace that connects businesses with consumers around the world.
Social Finance
Earnings are generated by users as alternatives to traditional investments
Social Connection
Connect with friends, family, and expand your reach with timeline innovation
Digital Infrastruct

Developing digital infrastructure to enable hyper-growth on the internet

Decentralized Computing
Intelligent hybrid cloud managed by machine learning for hybrid 020 

From the products we buy to the products we use daily, trust is being built in a whole new way.

Social experience combined with digital infrastructure to build a commerce marketplace

Powered by an innovative, scalable cloud infrastructure. Organizing, simplifying, and facilitating data access across all landscapes.

Models as a Service (MaaS) core technology is machine learning as a service (MLaaS). In addition to developing innovative models and algorithms, we are also establishing a platform that provides Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), Predictive Analytics as a Service (PAaS), as well as Data Analytics as a Service (DAaS). Our goal is to provide a suite of AI-powered tools and services to solve complex problems and tasks as well as services to train, deploy, and manage complex AI tools at scale. In addition, forecast and plan based on data and models for future events and trends that provide customers with tools and services to explore, analyze, and visualize data.

Insight into what we are building

Social experience of Industry 4.0

Our hybrid O2O digital platform bridges the gap between exponential technological growth and human experience. A powerful real-time global insight tool that educates both direct and indirect shoppers easily. The benefits of social hangouts include the ability to analyze global shopping behaviors in real time.

Key Features To Gain Users

Our key feature, Hiyma, will bridge all present apps to our super app by transferring social sentiment
Singular Platform
Provide users with a high level of social and commerce experiences on a single platform. Scaling a new layer of the internet with insights from innovation.
Timeline Innovation
Custom timelines will be available to users, along with multi-timeline options. Create a feed that works for you.
Messenger Enhanced
Let your creativity run wild and communicate in new and profound ways with your family, close friends, and coworkers.
AD & Commerce Network
Creating lasting impressions with existing and new audiences with a network platform that enables businesses and advertisers to scale their core business.
Ecosystem Growth
Using today’s technology, creators, users, and businesses can reach broader audiences, work more effectively, and be better than ever before
Open Source
The technology and functions will be open-source and community-driven to create the world’s best online experience


Our core business is being scaled in a way that allows our creators, users, and partners to experience optimal growth and high growth
Social Commerce
Digital Infrastructure

The Future of Innovation on Earth and then Beyond... Join us

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